We are most honoured to invite you to the 35th International Meeting of Sedimentology supported by the International Association of Sedimentologists. The meeting will be held, for the first time, in Prague, Czech Republic, on 23th–25th June 2020. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, belongs to the world’s most admired jewels of historical urban architecture. A benefit for geologists is the unique Prague geology, which encompasses numerous, well exposed outcrops of various ages through Earth history making it a logical choice for an international sedimentary geology meeting. Enjoy the magic of this beautiful historical city and share your research ideas in the global community of sedimentary geologists. Except Prague, there is much more to discover. On a relatively small territory of the Czech Republic, you can admire very diverse geology, historical and cultural heritage.

See you in Prague!

Ondřej Bábek

On behalf of the organizing committee




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